●   About Membership

Membership is divided into Ordinary Member / Associate Member / Honorary Member.

    ● Member: A member who participated in the establishment of the association since its inception or applied to join the association, met the membership conditions, and had his membership accepted by the Board of Directors. He has the right to attend the General Assembly as long as he has been a member for 90 days or more.

    ● Associate Member: One who does not meet all the full membership conditions, and the Board of Directors decides to accept him as an associate member. The associate member has all the rights and responsibilities except attending the General Assembly.

    ● Honorary Member: One who provides esteemed services to the association, whether financial or moral.

●   Membership Conditions:

1. The applicant must be fully eligible.
2. A membership application must be submitted accompanied by a membership fee of EGP 350, and the application must include the applicant's name, nationality, place of residence, profession, and payment method. Payment of the membership fee does not grant any rights to the applicant until the Board of Directors issues a decision to accept his membership.
3. He must have a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology or be a student in a related scientific college, or be interested in the field and have actual activity on the ground. However, the student must be an affiliate member and his membership is complete after obtaining the scientific degree in the field of biotechnology from one of the accredited scientific colleges. From the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities.
4. Work towards serving the goals of the association and contributing to the implementation of its activities.
5. Have familiarity and interest in the activities and fields of work of the association.
6. Agree to the association's bylaws in writing.
7. Have good ethics, a good behavior, and not be convicted of a crime or ethical offense or disciplinary punishment for reasons that affect honor or dignity.
8. Any organization or company related to the goals of the association has the right to apply for membership according to legal texts in this regard.
9. Each institution or company member appoints a representative to participate in the activities and meetings of the association.

●   Members' Duties

1. Commit to the terms of membership, and in case of violation at any time, the member will be removed by the Board of Directors.
2. Continuous contribute to the development of various activities and projects carried out by the association.
3. Commit to attending General Assembly meetings of working members, as determined by the Board of Directors, with a minimum attendance of 50%. In case of non-attendance, another member can be authorized to attend on their behalf.
4. Contribute members' experiences, knowledge, and available or acquired skills to develop the association's activities.

Fill Your Application Form

●   Who can join the EAGEBT?

Membership in the Egyptian Association for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology is open to the following categories:

First: Graduates and students of biotechnology programs, departments, and colleges from science and agriculture colleges and biotechnology colleges.

Second: Postgraduate students, Master's and doctoral degree holders whose research is closely related to one of the fields of biotechnology.

Third: Graduates of scientific colleges with documented research or professional experience in the field of biotechnology.

Fourth: Young entrepreneurs who have relevant projects in biotechnology.

Fifth: Companies, institutions, and legal entities related to biotechnology registered in both Egypt and abroad can become members as legal entities, provided they meet the membership requirements and appoint a representative thereof the association's board of directors.

●   Why join the EAGEBT?

Membership in the Egyptian Association for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology is open to the following categories:

1. Career Guidance: The association offers career guidance and mentorship programs to assist members in navigating their professional paths within the fields of genetic engineering and biotechnology.

2. Networking Opportunities: Members have access to a diverse network of professionals, researchers, and experts in genetic engineering and biotechnology, facilitating collaboration and knowledge exchange.

3. Collaborative Projects: Members can participate in collaborative research projects initiated by the association, fostering teamwork and collective contributions to scientific advancements.

4. Conferences and Symposia: EAGEBT organizes regular conferences and symposia, offering members a chance to present their research, stay updated on the latest developments, and connect with peers.

5. Professional Development: The association offers workshops, training programs, and seminars to enhance the skills and knowledge of its members, ensuring continuous professional development.

6. Grants and Funding Opportunities: EAGEBT provides information about grants and funding opportunities, supporting members in securing resources for their research projects and initiatives.

7. Public Outreach Programs: EAGEBT encourages members to engage in public outreach activities, promoting science awareness and educating the public about the implications of genetic engineering and biotechnology.

8. Ethical Guidelines: The association establishes and upholds ethical guidelines in genetic engineering and biotechnology, ensuring that members conduct their research with integrity and adhere to ethical standards.

9. Student Support Programs: EAGEBT supports students pursuing studies in genetic engineering and biotechnology through scholarships, mentorship, and educational resources.

10. Annual Awards and Recognitions: The association acknowledges outstanding contributions by its members through annual awards, recognizing excellence in research, innovation, and leadership.

11. Regular Newsletters and Updates: Members receive regular newsletters and updates, keeping them informed about the latest news, events, and opportunities within the association and the scientific community.

12. Job Placement Assistance: EAGEBT provides support to members seeking employment opportunities by offering job placement assistance services, connecting qualified individuals with relevant positions in academia, industry, and research institutions.

13. Community Engagement: Members can actively engage with the scientific community and contribute to the association's initiatives aimed at addressing societal challenges through genetic engineering and biotechnology.

14. Social Events: Alongside professional development, EAGEBT organizes social events, creating a sense of community among members and fostering a supportive and collaborative.

15. Industry Collaboration: The association fosters collaboration between its members and industry partners, creating avenues for professionals to engage in real-world applications of genetic engineering and biotechnology, thus bridging the gap between academia and industry.

16. Expert Panels and Advisory Roles: EAGEBT invites experienced members to participate in expert panels and take on advisory roles, providing them with opportunities to contribute their expertise to guide the association's strategic decisions and initiatives.

17. International Conferences and Collaboration: Experts are encouraged to represent EAGEBT at international conferences, fostering global collaborations and positioning them as ambassadors for the association on the international stage.

18. Research Consortia: The association facilitates the formation of research consortia led by experts, allowing them to spearhead multidisciplinary projects and collaborate with peers on high-impact research initiatives within the realms of genetic engineering and biotechnology.

●   How to join EAGEBT

To attain membership in the Egyptian Association for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, it is essential to carefully follow the steps outlined below:

1. Download and fill out the membership form, ensuring that all required information is provided accurately and signed appropriately. (Click Here to Download)

2. Payment receipt of the designated membership fees of 350 Egyptian Pounds through one of the approved payment methods outlined below.

3. Submit a photocopy of your national ID card (both sides) or your passport to verify your identity.

4. Provide a scan of your graduation certificate or university identification card if you are currently enrolled as a student.

5. Submit a clear, 4*6 personal photograph.

6. Optionally, present your Curriculum Vitae (CV) to further showcase your qualifications and expertise in the field.

●   Registration Instructions:

Scan the filled-out membership application form after downloading, completing it on paper, signing it, and attaching it with scanned copies of all required documents “mentioned above” to [email protected].

● You will receive a response containing a Membership Request S/N number and a link to an online application form to finalize the registration process.

After completing all steps, await the decision of the Board of Directors regarding your application, which will be communicated via email.

● Keep the original hard copies of all documents in a file to present to the association upon receiving your membership card.

●   Instructions for Email Application Submission:

● In the subject line, write "Name + Membership Request."
● In the email body, include your name in English and your phone number, and address it directly to the General Secretary of the association.
● Attach all scanned documents in one combined PDF file, arranged in the order specified above.
● If you have additional supporting documents, attach them in a separate PDF file.
● Only emails adhering to these guidelines will be considered; any message not meeting these guidelines will be disregarded.

●   Payment Methods:

● Bank Deposit:

1. Banque Masr: (If a bank account is unavailable) Make a deposit with you National ID for the membership fees at any Banque Misr branch to account number (118/333/2076). (Click Here for more details about the nearest branch)

2. Banque Masr: If a bank account is available (from inside or outside Egypt): Transfer funds to account number "118/333/2076" using the SWIFT code "BMISEGCX140."

● Vodafone Cash Service:

Transfer the amount to 01009477184, along with an additional 15 pounds for service fees (cash transfer only, not credit).

●   For Complaints and Inquiries, Contact Us:

    ● Website Mail Box
    ● WhatsApp number: 01009477184 (available for Whatsapp messages only)
    ● Email: [email protected]

About Us

The Egyptian Association for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology is an Egyptian scientific association and a registered civil organization officially recognized by the ministry responsible for community work in the Arab Republic of Egypt. It is registered under number 12011 on November 30, 2023, in accordance with Law 149 of the year 2019. Its geographical scope of work covers the entire republic, specializing in cultural, scientific, economic development, environmental protection, and conservation, as well as the field of organization and management.