●   Overview of volunteering

The act of giving one's time and skills to serve communities or causes without pay, this is Volunteering. It includes various activities like direct service, advocacy, or fundraising. Volunteers contribute to addressing social, environmental, and humanitarian challenges globally. Volunteering benefits both communities and individuals, providing personal satisfaction, skill development, and social connections. Despite challenges like recruitment and resource constraints, volunteering remains a powerful force for positive change, promoting social cohesion and sustainable development worldwide.

●   Volunteering Conditions:

1. A BSc, MSc or PhD in Biotechnology, or a related area.
2. Experience in volunteering roles, with a proven track record of success.
3. Strong strategic thinking and analytical skills.
4. Excellent communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills.
5. Fluency in English and standard Arabic.
6. Must Register as member at EAGEBT after/before applying.
7. Staff member in academic, industrial or busniess sector.

●   Responsibilities

1. Carrying out the volunteer work agreed upon with sincerity and proficiency in the agreed-upon manner and in accordance with the work rules applied in the association and the rules of public order.
2. Respect other volunteers and staff and deal with them in a team spirit.
3. Follow the instructions of volunteer work supervisors.
4. Do not disclose secrets and personal information that you learned during your volunteer work.
5. Maintaining the tools, equipment and devices that will be delivered to you and committing to returning them after the end of the volunteer work.

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●   Personal Specification:

To be an effective volunteer in our association, you must possess a number of special skills and qualities that help us and you in completing your volunteer tasks, which are:

1. Commitment: Volunteers should be committed to fulfilling their responsibilities and dedicating their time and effort to the cause or organization they are volunteering for.

2. Reliability: Organizations rely on volunteers to show up on time and consistently fulfill their commitments. Being reliable and dependable is crucial for volunteer roles.

3. Interpersonal Skills: Good communication and interpersonal skills are important for interacting with other volunteers, staff members, and beneficiaries.

4. Adaptability: Volunteers may encounter diverse situations and challenges. Being flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances is valuable in volunteer roles.

5. Teamwork: Many volunteer roles involve working collaboratively with others. Being able to work effectively as part of a team and contribute positively to group dynamics is essential.

6. Empathy and Compassion: Volunteering often involves working with vulnerable populations or addressing sensitive issues. Demonstrating empathy, compassion, and respect for others' perspectives and experiences is important.

7. Problem-Solving Skills: Volunteers may encounter problems or obstacles while carrying out their duties. Having the ability to think critically and find solutions to challenges is beneficial.

8. Self-Motivation: While volunteers may receive guidance and support from the organization, being self-motivated and proactive in carrying out tasks and seeking opportunities to contribute is valuable.

●  Requested Documents

To attain volunteering in the Egyptian Association for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, it is essential to carefully follow the steps outlined below:

1. Download and fill out the Volunteering Application form, ensuring that all required information is provided accurately and signed appropriately. (Click Here to Download)

3. Submit a photocopy of your national ID card (both sides) or your passport to verify your identity.

4. Provide a scan of your highest academic degree certificate.

5. Submit a clear, 4*6 personal photograph.

6. Present your Curriculum Vitae (CV) to further showcase your qualifications and expertise.

7. Submit a photocopy of your EAGEBT ID card (both sides).

●   Registration Instructions:

● Scan the filled-out Volunteering application form after downloading, completing it on paper, signing it, and attaching it with scanned copies of all required documents “mentioned above” to [email protected].

● You will receive a link to an online application form to finalize the registration process.

● Keep the original hard copies of all documents in a file to present to the association upon receiving your Volunteering Card.

●   Instructions for Emails and Application Submission:

● In the subject line, write "Name + Volunteering Application."
● In the email body, include your name in English and your phone number, and address it directly to the General Secretary of the association.
● Attach all scanned documents in one combined PDF file, arranged in the order specified above.
● If you have additional supporting documents, attach them in a separate PDF file.
● Write between 350 : 600 words about your motivation to volunteer with EAGEBT.
● Only emails adhering to these guidelines will be considered; any message not meeting these guidelines will be disregarded.

Fill Your Application Form

●   Rights of the volunteer:

1. Learn about the nature of the volunteer work that you will carry out.

2. Treating all volunteer workers with respect and appreciation.

3. Obtaining certificates of thanks and appreciation from us after completing the volunteer work in which you will participate.

4. Obtaining the necessary training and supervision to complete volunteer work.

●   Volunteering impacts:

Volunteering impacts individuals, communities, and fields in several ways:

1. Personal Growth: Volunteers develop skills, gain confidence, and find purpose.

2. Social Connections: They build relationships and feel a sense of belonging.

3. Social Cohesion: Volunteering strengthens bonds and unity within communities.

4. Community Development: Volunteers address local needs and improve quality of life.

5. Capacity Building: Volunteers enhance the capabilities of organizations.

6. Innovation and Advocacy: They bring fresh ideas and drive awareness and change. In essence, volunteering fosters personal development, strengthens communities, and drives positive change in various sectors.

●   For Complaints and Inquiries, Contact Us:

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