Hiring | Delegate Vice President (Executive Committee)


Hiring | Delegate Vice President (Executive Committee)

Job Title: Delegate Vice President (Executive Committee)

Location: Great Cairo, Egypt
Type: Voluntary
Available Positions: (1)
Available Interview Slots: (5)
**V. good in English Language (Written & Spoken)
**Must Register as member at EAGEBT before applying. (Due to Egyptian NGOs Regulations)

• Job Description:
As the Delegate Vice President of our Scientific Association NGO, you will assume a critical role in supporting the overall leadership of the organization. Working closely with the President, you will contribute to the strategic planning, decision-making, and execution of initiatives aimed at advancing scientific research and knowledge. This position involves taking a proactive approach to leadership, fostering collaboration, and overseeing specific aspects of the association's mission.
• Qualifications:
Educational Background:
- A bachelor's degree in a scientific discipline or a related field is required.
- Advanced degrees or additional qualifications in leadership and management are beneficial.
Leadership Experience: Demonstrated leadership experience, preferably in a scientific, academic, or nonprofit setting, showcasing the ability to guide and inspire a team.
Strategic Vision: A track record of contributing to strategic planning and executing initiatives that align with organizational goals and mission.
Communication Skills: Strong interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to articulate and implement the association’s vision.
Collaborative Approach: A collaborative and team-oriented mindset, working effectively with diverse stakeholders to achieve common objectives.
• Key Responsibilities:
Strategic Planning: Contribute to the development and execution of strategic plans, ensuring alignment with the organization’s mission and long-term objectives.
Leadership Support: Assist the President in providing visionary leadership to the organization, stepping in when needed, and collaborating on key decisions.
Committee Oversight: Oversee specific committees or projects within the association, ensuring effective coordination and progress toward established goals.
Membership Engagement: Foster engagement among association members, encouraging collaboration, and facilitating initiatives that enhance member participation.
Advocacy and Representation: Represent the organization in external forums, conferences, and collaborations, advocating for the importance of scientific research.
• Benefits:
Professional Development: Opportunities for continuous professional development and training to enhance leadership skills and stay informed about scientific advancements.
Health and Wellness: Access to comprehensive health and wellness benefits, prioritizing the well-being of the Delegate Vice President.
Flexible Work Environment: Flexibility in work arrangements, recognizing the demands of leadership responsibilities.
Networking Opportunities: Engage with professionals in the scientific community, fostering valuable connections for the association.
Contributing to Scientific Advancement: Direct involvement in initiatives that contribute significantly to the growth and development of scientific knowledge.
Positive Organizational Impact: The opportunity to play a pivotal role in advancing the association’s mission and contributing to scientific research and advancements.
Global Reach: Exposure to international collaborations, broadening the Delegate Vice President’s professional network and enriching the association’s global influence.
Recognition and Appreciation: Recognition programs acknowledging the Delegate Vice President's leadership contributions to the association's success.
To apply send your Cover Letter & updated CV to:

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